How much does a website cost?

How much does a website cost?

Basic website (One long scroll page website) 600€ + Taxes + Wix plan Advance website (up to 8 pages inside of the web): 1000€ + Taxes + Wix plan Redesign Existing Sites: 400€ + Taxes + Wix plan Migrate Existing Sites (Migrate existing sites to the Wix platform while keeping the look and feel) 600€ + Taxes + Wix plan eCommerce Websites (Set up online stores (up to 20 products) with payment and shipping methods) 1100€ + Taxes + Wix plan Redesign Existing Sites: 400€ + Taxes + Wix plan Mobile Sites: 300€ + Taxes + Wix plan You can check the possible wix plans in the link below (Don't worry i'll guide you to find the one that fits you best)

What does it include?

- A web ready to publish That means that I do not give you a website only with the design but operative. All the buttons, links, photos, texts inside the website will be ready for the public to use. - 2 proposals The proposals are my ideas. I first design a website that goes according to with what you have asked me. In case you do not like this one, only then, I will do the second proposal included in the price. - 8 pages That means 8 pages. Imagine a menu on your website. This menu can only have 8 buttons maximum. (or more if you want to add them for an extra cost) Do not worry... 8 pages are plenty of pages 😊 People don't tend to read more in a website... (Moreover, now there is a trend in design that makes the website have a typical length of 1 page or 2 maximum!) - 200 pictures 200 Pictures are a lot! So you will probably not go over this limit! But just in case... - 15 documents (word, pdf, excel...) I can put documents inside of your website but a maximum of 5 are included in this price. 😊 I think you won't go over this limit either. - Connected to social media I can connect your site with your current social networks! Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter... Instagram also allows me to put your Instagram feed on the website! If you want we can find a place for it! - Service 12/7 I am a student but I also work on this. This is why I can work only weekdays in the afternoon (from 18:00 - 22:00) and at the weekends! The good thing is that I can answer emails and Whatsapps throughout the day! So I'll try to answer as fast as I can! You are my priority as a client! - Online Chat Wix lets me offer you a live online chat inside of your website. This way you will be connected with your client 24h... or if you prefer it... you can set your own schedule 😊 - SEO optimization SEO in Wix is not professional. It lets Google know that your website exists and which are the titles and paragraphs inside your website! It is complete enough but I you want something more elaborated like google ads and more... I can find you an expert! - E-commerce website and bookings online If you are looking for a booking website or an e-commerce platform I can also provide you with this service! In fact, I will be thrilled to design it for you! Applying all the apps that Wix has to offer you this service is also included in the price - 1 language For starters, one language is included in the price! But don't worry I can speak more than one language! I live in Barcelona so I can fluently speak Catalan and Spanish. I also speak Italian and German (parents) and I have also learned English in order to be international! In case you want another language, I can find you an expert! - Domain You will have to buy a plan in Wix and most of the plans include a free domain. But if you don't have it already don't worry! I can help you through the process of buying one and then I will connect it to your website for free! If you have already bought it then I can connect it for free too but you will have to give me the details first


- Extra website proposal In case you didn't like any of my 2 website proposals included in the price I can work for another one for the price of 100€ + taxes - Extra menu page In case you need more than 8 pages in your website then you can ask me for another one for the price of 100€ + taxes - Extra translation An extra language is not just translating the website but doing the website twice or more!.... the good thing is that the design has already been thought! this way the extra language costs 40% of the website (400€ + other extras) + IVA - Extra documents An extra document has a cost of 1€ - Mobile Friendly Mobile friendly means adapting the website for the computer to the mobile version! (So that it looks good in any device!) This has a cost of 20% of the website price (400€ + extras) + taxes

How does maintaining work?

It depends on the type of website but, what I normally do is: 100€ = 100 minutes
50€ = 50 minutes I assure all my clients that I'm really fast making the changes so... in the end... it's not that expensive! I can also offer: 20€ every fashion season (So that when you want to change all the clothes, art, etc its a fixed price!, The only condition is to buy the annual pack which consists on 20€ multiplied by 4 seasons = 80€/year)

Do I offer classes for managing the website on your own?

I use a platform called that makes it easy for my clients to manage their website after I have completed my work.
I offer classes at the price of 50€ that include: - 2h-4h in a day in order to learn (For your specific website)
- A class of maximum 4 people

How does payment work?

The website costs 400€ + IVA 50% will be paid before the website starts and 50% + extras right before publishing the final website! (In the domain that the client has provided) After both you and I have decided that the website is ready to publish you will have 10 days to make changes to your website. After that, we will have to arrange another price for further changes.

What if I have more questions?

Contact me! Whatsapp: +34 674219287 Mail: Find me on Linkedin!